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Dr. Raghad Al-Kazemi Gives Interview on OFM Radio

7 August 2019 to 21 August 2019

GUST’s Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Raghad Al Kazemi, sat down with Abdullah Dashti from OFM – Hona Al Kuwait Radio Station, to discuss some of the challenges students face when applying to a university and selecting their major.  She also gave some words of wisdom that students and their parents should keep in mind during the application process.



Throughout the interview, she stressed on the importance of knowing what you want to achieve in life, and to select a major which will give them the tools to accomplish that.  She also suggested that there needs to be a clear delineation between a parent’s wishes and objectives and those of the students’; and that it is the wishes of the students that need to be realized. Al-Kazemi advised parents not to live through their sons and daughters, or place unnecessary stress on them to pursue a path that may not be suitable to them.


At GUST, we have a team of advisors whose mission is to understand each student’s needs and offer academic advice that will help them succeed in life