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English Department Hosts 7th Annual Quiz Show

5 February 2020 to 20 February 2020

The English Dept. organized its 7th annual Quiz Show yesterday. Teams of three competed against each other in several rounds of trivia questions, giving them an oppourtinity to show off their trivia knowledge and skills.. The audience got the chance to answer some questions as well for some prizes. The primary objective of the event is for students to use and develop their English communication skills and test their knowledge in a fun afternoon filled with new knowledge and laughter.


In total, 21 teams participated in the quiz show competing for cash prizes. Members of the audience were also gifted vouchers for answering some of the questions. 



1st Place Team: 

Eithar Al Safran

Farah Alajmi

Danah Alazmi



2nd Place Team: 

Hussein Abu Dabaseh

Aiya Alrefaei

Abdulrahman Alhamwe



3rd Place Team:

Hawra'a M. Ali

Tala Ali

Rahaf Al Qadhaibi


English Dept. Instructor John Adjei Ablorh said, "A big thanks goes out to participating students and committee members for organizing another successful annual Quiz Show."


The English Dept. frequently holds such events which encourage the application of their studies in a casual manner, while creating an enjoyable educational environment at GUST simultaneously.


Congratulations to all the winners!