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GUST’s Dr. Ibrahim Alhiyari Publishes Article in Arab World English Journal

20 January 2019 to 3 February 2019

Dr. Ibrahim Alhiyari, Assistant Professor at GUST’s Arts & Sciences Department, recently published an academic article titled, Female Struggle and Triumph: The Cases of Antigone, Desdemona, and Erminia, in the Arab World English Journal. The article examines the history of misogyny and varied cases of female abuse through examination of the iconic figures of Antigone and Desdemona.



The research delves into the exceptional abuse they are subjected to by their supposed benefactors, and how it is counterpoised by the debuting of Aphra Behn’s Erminia as a reformist, benevolent, and angelic tour-de-force at the start of the English Restoration. Through juxtaposing these female icons who belong to widely diverse periods, the essay aims to analyze their interactions, and inspect the shifting dynamics of their socio-political and cultural milieu; all in order to arrive at a better understanding of the historical transition that the female quest for respect has undergone.


At the end, the paper explains how Antigone, Desdemona, and Erminia take on the arduous task of altering the stereotypical image their societies place on them with various degrees of success. This success is not merely gauged by the extent to which they are able to make a transformation in their perception of their chauvinistic societies, but also by their ability to maintain their own souls, with their virtue and ethics intact.


The Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) is a double-blind review publication that has achieved a good national and international academic recognition, indexing and acclaim among high ranked universities, research centers, databases, libraries and educational association.


This recent publication further propels GUST closer to its goal of being a leading local and regional contributor to original research.