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GUST’s Dr. Omar Moufakkir Publishes Research in A* UK Journal

17 September 2018 to 1 October 2018

Dr. Omar Moufakkir, Associate Professor and Head of the Business Administration Department at GUST, recently published his research paper, “Examining the Spirituality of Spiritual Tourists”, in Annals of Tourism Research academic journal. This paper answers questions related to what facilitates spirituality in the Sahara Desert, how the spirituality of spiritual tourists is manifested, and what these tourists are escaping, seeking, and finding.



Dr. Moufakkir explores the Sahara Desert in more detail and seeks to find links with spirituality. He notes that personal spiritual emptiness connects with the physical emptiness of the desert. The feeling of security in the desert facilitates spiritual fulfillment. What’s more, he finds that nature-based authenticity and existential authenticity are intrinsically linked to the reality of the desert experience. He concludes that spiritual sojourners experience self-actualization, closeness to God, and/or simply self-renewal.


The article was well received by the journal in which it was published, which is ranked as “A*” by the Australian Business Deans Council (ABCD), which indicates that the article is of the highest quality, and indicatively represents approximately the top 5-7th percentile of the journals assigned to the given primary field of research panel.


GUST always promotes quality research as a means of ensuring a quality education for students, and allowing the institution as a whole to progress, and develop into a true knowledge and research hub.