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GUST Holds Second Student Research Symposium

16 April 2018 to 30 April 2018

GUST held its Second Student Research Symposium, entitled: Themes, Challenges and Perspectives in the Humanities and Social Sciences, on its campus. The symposium served as a showcase for undergraduates to present research they conducted in the field of humanities and social sciences and also provided students with the opportunity to experience an academic conference. 


A total of 28 students from different majors presented their research at the symposium from the disciplines of History, Philosophy, Sociology, Spanish Culture, and Political Science. The symposium included five panels, moderated each by two faculty from the Humanities and Social Sciences: Historical Perspectives, Art and Culture, Art: Aesthetics and Politics, Exploring Democracy: Norms, Taboos, and Rights, Borders, Ceilings, and Religion: A Discussion on Rights, Contemporary Food Habits. The students who presented were:


  • Meshal Alqabandi - Conscience of the Nation
  • Fatme Ghaddar - Islam in the West
  • Shaimaa Andal - Cubism and Its Influence
  • Lulwa Alayoub - La Calavera de la Catrina
  • Nourah Alabdely, Salma Hosameldin Hashem, and Sara Al Musallam Hispanic Cultural Representation from Traditional New Media
  • Lulwa Saif - Art Against Oppression
  • Reem Almutairi - The Aesthetics of Coolness
  • Sara AlSamhan - The Aesthetics of Smoking
  • Mallak Khalaf and Rana Al Oraiman - Taboo and Democracy
  • Ibrahim Al Shatti – The Masked Effects of Society
  • Manar Almutairi – Government Surveillance: Security vs. Privacy
  • Zainab Nabi, Zainab Al Arbash, and and Shareefah Alghanim - How Expatriates Live: A Comparative Study of the Status of Expatriates in Kuwait and Canada
  • Fatemah Alakhawand, Abraar Alqetamy, Sarah Alobaid, and Arwa Alboloushi - Above the Glass Ceiling
  • Rihma Jamal – The Current Prison System is Counterproductive
  • Jana Alsaif, Jana Bukhamseen, and Norin Tarakemi – Public Violence
  • Reem Abdelslam – Food in Modern Days
  • Sharifah Alsabah - Fast Food
  • Fatemah al Qallaf - Fast Food Addiction



The Humanities and Social Sciences Department organizes this symposium annually to promote undergraduate high quality research, increase scholarship opportunities, and foster a culture in which students are encouraged to do research in the fields they are passionate about. GUST is a major knowledge hub that continuously provides students with opportunities to develop their skills and ensure their smooth transition into their careers after graduation.