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GUST Hosts Applied Linguistics Workshops

7 November 2019 to 28 November 2019

GUST’s English Department organized a series of professional training workshops on campus last week, customized for students by experts in the applied linguistics field. The workshops mainly focused on different aspects of translation and language acquisition, and were led by Dr. Kholoud Al-Thubaiti from Um Al-Qura University, Dr. Dia Borresly from Qatar University, and Dr. Shamlan Al-Qenaie from Kuwait University. 




The first workshop was led by Dr. Kholoud Al-Thubaiti, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at Umm Al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Al-Thubait’s research concentrates on the second language acquisition of morpho-syntax and semantics from a generative perspective. Her workshop focused on the acquisition of English by speakers of Saudi Arabic. 



The second workshop was given by Dr. Shamlan Al-Qenaie, Assistant Professor of Modern Applied Linguistics & Translation at Kuwait University. He has co-authored the Dictionary of Euphemisms: EN-AR, and designed DELL's Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics, an internationally reviewed program soon to be available at KU.  The workshop focused on becoming a professionally trained translator of Arabic and English.




The final workshop was by Dr. Dia Boresly, Assistant Professor of Translation Studies at Qatar University. She previously worked as a senior translator at the Amiri Diwan, and is a founding member and General Secretary of Kuwait Translators and Interpreters Society. The workshop she led gave students an inside look into the world of subtitles and dubbing. She led the students through a series of steps on a unqiue program, which helped them learn exactly how translation subtitles are done on their favorite series and movies.




Students from different majors attended the workshops and were able to learn new things in the world of translation and linguistics. The English Department continues to engage with its students in a variety of different events and seminars organized throughout the academic year to pique student interest and allow them to explore new avenues of knowledge.