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GUST hosts TEDxGlobalDay 2018

TEDxGlobalDay is a one-day event when many TEDx communities around the world, contemplate and act on some of the challenges facing the world today. Time will be spent watching inspiring talks from We the Future, a TED event presented in partnership with the Skoll Foundation and the United Nations Foundation. Then, the teams will engage in a spirited conversation and take part in activations that have a direct impact on the local community.


During last year’s TEDxGlobalDay, that spirit was evident when more than 5,000 participants from around the world gave back to their communities. This year TEDxGUST is given a chance to make a difference in the local neighborhoods, and in turn, strengthen our collective global community.


Prior to the gathering, the TEDxGUST team, students from MCM Department (Visual Communication) lead by Ms. Antonia Jolic (TEDxGUST Organizer) were working on selecting a guiding topic for the group to discuss and address through activation. Students have been researching and discussing the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the context of Kuwait, trying to identify a clear subject area which would help spark powerful conversations during the event. The guiding topics have been: education and inclusion of youth in the context of environmental sustainability.


Along with the MCM students, GUST students majoring in teaching were also invited to participate in an organized workshop titled Identifying Challenges. The primary intention of the workshop was to identify and discuss the development of various tools for successful facilitation of engagement of youth in exploring environmental sustainability. These tools would them be designed and developed by the students to create an educational kit that could be distributed through educational institutions, such as high schools.


A total of 25 students were engaged, forming five groups, each group consisting of two student teachers and three student designers. GUST faculty, along with local organization en.v, with interest in the topics of education, environmental sciences and participatory design, led and guided the workshop discussions.


TEDxGlobalDay created a platform of engagement for GUST students to brainstorm possible solutions relating to the identified topics. At a later date, a series of programs will be developed and conducted through collaborative efforts of educational institutions, social development organizations and the government.