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GUST Mass Communication Students Present Special Needs Project to Kuwait Fire Service Directorate

21 January 2019 to 4 February 2019

Four students from GUST’s Mass Communication Department developed and presented a project titled, “Special Needs Electronic Data Registration”, to the management at the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) in Salmiya including: Public Relations General Manager, Commodore Khaleel Al-Ameer, Major Salman Al-Jaidi, and Deputy Head of Filming and Directing, Mr. Ali Al-Rashid.



The project was put together and presented by GUST students: Farah Al-Kandari, Hanan Al-Saqran, Mariam Aywad, and Eman Al-Zuwayer.

Under the supervision of GUST Associate Professor, Dr. Ali Dashti, the students shared their initiative of launching an awareness campaign to register people of special needs’ data electronically on the KFSD website. The goal of this campaign is to collect all the necessary data to help ensure the safety of special needs individuals in the country when faced with an emergency.



The presentation was well received by the KFSD management, who expressed their eagerness to collaborate with the students and Dr. Ali Dashti to make the project a reality. The university always strives to take the extra step to support its students and foster their talent and initiatives.