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Human Rights Club Hold Domestic Worker Protection Seminar

GUST’s Human Right’s Club held a seminar this week titled “Protecting Domestic Workers from Neo-slavery” with Sheikha Bibi Nasser Al-Sabah and Ms. Lulu Al Rodaini as part of the One Roof Campaign Team to help spread awareness on the domestic helper situation in Kuwait, what needs to be done, and what the youth of Kuwait need to do to make a difference.


Sheikha Bibi Nasser Al-Sabah, said, “We are here to help you understand the issue. Let’s have an open dialogue. I know you can help us find solutions. Join us in this campaign to change our society – many of us do not want to discuss this issue, but we have to be open-minded. If we cannot completely stop the abuse, we want to minimize these cases as much as we can.” 



9 April 2018 to 23 April 2018