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OSC Tutoring Center Services Available on BAIMS

31 October 2019 to 14 November 2019

The OSC Tutoring Center has collaborated with the Kuwait ed-tech startup, BAIMS. It is the first startup of its kind, with a focus on providing students with the tutoring they need anytime, anywhere. 


GUST students can now go directly onto the BAIMS website and attend tutoring sessions online. There are currently six available courses on the website, with more sessions in the works. With BAIMS, they are able to access full video sessions and notes based on the course curriculum. 


As per the CRLA accreditation Level 1 requirements, OSC tutors are required to attend 10 hours of training to be able to properly deal with their peers and shape a successful tutoring experience. The university works methodically with the tutors to ensure that they offer quality tutoring sessions.


Visit the GUST page on BAIMS here: https://www.gust.edu.kw/go/baims