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Renowned Guest Speakers at Management Courses

2 December 2018 to 10 December 2018

Dr. Hanadi Al Mubaraki, adjunct management professor at GUST, invited two local guest speakers to give lectures to her Introduction to Management course students. Her main goal was to portray how theoretical and practical experiences overlap and relate to each other.

The first guest speaker was Mohammad Al Obaidi, a branch manager at Boubyan Bank. His goal for his presentation was to explain the functions of management, describe the roles and skills required for a management position, describe successful practices used at Boubyan Bank, and to talk about the usefulness and effectiveness of teamwork and having positive relationships in the workplace. Al Obaidi is a Certified Bank Branch Manager (CBBM) and has received several other certifications from the Institution of Banking Studies in Kuwait. He is also the CEO of his own companies.

The second guest speaker was Farah Al Haroun, Assistant Manager of Handicraft and Small Enterprises Financing Portfolio at the Industrial Bank of Kuwait (IBK). Her lecture centered on the topic of starting small businesses and how small business ideas could be developed. Her goals for this lecture were to explain the application process for new businesses, explain how IBK can help a start-up project, talk about her experience in the workplace and how she reached her position as manager, and to give examples of popular businesses that were funded by IBK’s Handicraft and Small Enterprises Financing Portfolio.


The guest lectures were insightful and beneficial to the students. Students enjoyed an educational talk, and also gained a perceptive and refreshing look into the practical experiences of management. This is not the first time renowned speakers has been hosted in Dr. Hannadi Al Mubaraki's management classes, as previous speakers also included Dr. David Gill, the Managing Director of St John’s Innovation Centre at the University of Cambridge, and Dr. Michael Busler, a manager at Ford Motor Company (FMC) and the FMC Corporation.