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Writing for Mass Media Class Organize Guest Lecture Series

17 April 2019 to 1 May 2019

GUST’s Writing for Mass Media class (MCM206), led by Dr. Rounwah Bseiso, organized a unique lecture series with four separate guest lecturers. The goal of the series is to serve as a practical complement to the theoretical and academic component of their learning process, and prepare them in understanding what is required of them when entering the media field in their professional careers. Renowned media professionals were welcomed on campus to talk to the students about the practical realities of working in various media fields (public relations, advertising, journalism). 


The series kicked off with Ms. Aseel Al-Turkait, Executive Director of Corporate Services at Al-Thiqa Group. Al-Turkait has over 17 years’ experience in strategic planning, advertising, and public relations to name a few. Her lecture provided students with insight into the world of mass media after graduation. 



Second guest speaker was Lama Al-Babtain, the first Kuwaiti female award-winning creative director with over 20 years of experience in the advertising field. Al-Babtain was named as the advertising first lady by Communications magazine, founder, CEO, and creative director of her own successful advertising company, TBWA/RAAD/BCOMAD, whose major clients include important brand names such as Kuwait Airways, Nissan, and Harvey Nichols. She spoke to the students about the advertising world and the struggles they face on daily basis, as well as how to overcome them.



The third guest lecture series was none other than our Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Norman Lewis. Professor Lewis is an Associate Professor Dept. of Journalism in the University of Florida. He has more than a quarter-century of experience in newspapers, ranging from The Washington Post to 3 dailies where he served as editor for 15 years. Professor Lewis talked about his entire journey with media and communication.



The final speaker of the series was Ms. Jamie Etheridge. She is the Managing Editor at the Kuwait Times and the founder of the multi-platform for moms, the Kuwait Moms Guide. Etheridge discussed the importance of good journalism and what that means in this digital age. She has a BS in Culture and Communication from NYU and an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Texas-Austin.



The series was an interesting way for the students to gain insights into the real world after graduation.