Mihai Halic

Mihai Halic

Associate Professor
Mathematics & Science Department

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About the Faculty Member

I followed the Masters classes at the Ecole Normale Superieure, Lyon, France, and I received the Ph.D. degree in pure mathematics at the Fourier Institute, University of Grenoble, in January 1999. The active seminars and divers graduate courses over there have been very influential on my vision about Mathematics. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to work at several universities. The years spent at the Mathematical Institute of the University Zürich-Irchel, as Research Assistant, and at the Basel University, as Lecturer, made me acquainted with the well-known Swiss precision. I served as Assistant and Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, for over three years, I visited the Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto, and the Mathematics Research Centre, Montreal, Canada. I joined GUST in September 2021.

Teaching Interest(s)

I enjoy teaching Algebra, Complex Analysis, Geometry. More generally, I like explaining the central, guiding ideas and results which are at the base of some mathematical theory. For instance, the meaning of transformation groups becomes transparent while trying to solve Rubik's cube. From this standpoint, I am happy to teach a number of university-level courses, from basic to advanced level, ranging from Algebra - Analysis - Topology to Logic - Set Theory - Statistics.

Expertise Area(s)

Algebraic Geometry: partial positivity properties of subvarieties, vector bundles and their moduli, geometric invariant theory.