Najebah Abdulillah Marafi

Coordinator English Lang.Unit, InstructorE000657
English Foundation Unit

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Najebah was a Teaching Assistant at Foundation unit from 2010-2011 after obtaining her Bachelor from Gulf University for Science and Technology and then went to pursue her Masters Degree in the United Kingdom. She was an adjunct in the beginning of 2013 and then started as a full time Instructor of English at the English Foundation Unit and has been teaching there since September 2013 to the preset time. She also published a book titles "The Intertwined Conflict; The difference Between Culture and Religion" while she was doing her Masters in England. She is also interested in pursuing her PhD sometime in the future in the field of writing on computer-based programs and tools.

Teaching Interest(s)

English 100 English 097B English 097A English 098

Expertise Area(s)

Computer Mediated Learning Online Learning Computer Assisted Learning Microsoft Office as a writing tool