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Prospect students

  • High school GPA should be 2.00 (or equivalent to 60%) or higher Government high school certificate
  • Private or international high school transcript certified by the Private Education Department at the Ministry of Education
  • Equivalency letter addressed to GUST from the Private Education Department at the Ministry of Education (Required for private high school graduates)
  • Valid Civil ID copy
  • Valid passport copy
  • Three personal photos
  • Residency copy (for non-GCC students)
  • Pass the GUST English placement test, or submit a valid English proficiency certificate (in order to qualify for academic English courses applicants must score 61 on iBT TOEFL, or 6 on IELTS).
  • All applicants must take the math placement test for admission (the results of the test will determine whether the student will be admitted into credited or non-credited foundation classes).
  •  No, a student must have a valid civil ID – the process of renewal only takes 3-5 days.
  •  The student can submit a certificate to Who It Concern from the Public Authority for Civil Information during the period of civil card renewal.
  • Spring semester start on 29/1/2023

Students may apply to take the placement tests, but they will not obtain the acceptance letter until they finish their high school graduation requirements and submit all the required documents.

After applying, you will receive an email with all the documents you need.  Once an advisor reviews and approves the application you will receive an email to schedule  your placement test.

There is no year limit for high school graduates – unless you are applying for a scholarship. In this case, your high school diploma must not be older than 2 years and two months.

This changes every year. Please check the PUC website (www.puc.edu.kw)

A minimum score of 61 is required to join without taking foundation classes.

A minimum score of 6 is needed in all bands in order to join without taking foundation classes.

If your degree was awarded up to 5 years ago, then no major classes will be transferred - only electives. If the degree was awarded up to 10 years ago - then no credits will be transferred.

The institution you are transferring from must be accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education of Kuwait. Please apply online and once the OSC reviews your application they will get back to you with how many credits can be transferred. 

Yes, with available residency and valid civil ID.

The required placement tests are MATH & ENGL. The applicant should apply online using this link: GUST APPS SYSTEM

Then he/she must click on book placement test to book his/her tests. In case, the applicant couldn’t book their placement tests, they can contact us through OSC email: OSC@gust.edu.kw or pass by our center.

They can log in https://apply.gust.edu.kw/  to reschedule or contact OSC to reschedule the tests.

Yes, each applicant can repeat the test twice per year.

Yes, applicants can fill in the online application and book the placement tests even if they did not graduate. However, they can’t get the acceptance letter unless they graduate.

Students can add classes through SIS after being advised by their advisors. However, for the newly admitted students, they will be enrolled by OSC advisors.


Please send the required documents as PDF copies by email to mba@gust.edu.kw

Current students

If the hold is financial then there must be an amount that needs to be paid (in this case, contact the Finance Department (afa@gust.edu.kw).   If the hold is related to advising then contact your advisor. If the hold is admissions-related, then there is a missing document you have failed to provide, and therefore must contact Admission & Registration (rajan.r@gust.edu.kw).

A copy of your civil ID and passport.

You need to log in to pmos.gust.edu.kw, and pay to request the required documents and we will contact you via e-mail with an appointment of when to come and collect them.

PUC honor students scholarship dates will be announced via e-mail to all students along with the terms and conditions.

Courses that do not fit in the your major sheet are considered overload credits which will be counted in your CGPA but not counted toward your graduation. If you are a PUC student, then those overloads will be paid by the yourself not the PUC.

The maximum number of TCs for a newly admitted student (transfer student) is 60 credits.

Students who complete their university studies within the normal duration or less (8 semesters without counting summer semesters or foundation years) shall be awarded with Highest Honor if their accumulated CGPA is 4.0.  A student will graduate with Honors if their accumulated CGPA is between 3.67 and 3.99 and no disciplinary actions were issued against them.

From the first semester’s enrollment, a student has a maximum of seven years to complete all requirements for a Bachelor’s degree at GUST.

Graduation documents (including the diploma) -  the documents a graduate of GUST receives after he/she graduates) are distributed after Admissions & Registration Dept. receives them from PUC and after the you finish your online clearance form found on PMOS.