The Center for Sustainable Energy and Economic Development (SEED) is founded with a national and regional orientation aiming to develop, advocate and disseminate sustainable energy and environment development practices. SEED will seek to communicate relevant analysis of important energy-environment challenges and their socio-economic impacts to both the public and private policymakers. SEED aspires to improve the environment, increase human living standards, and promote sustainable development.


The Center for Sustainable Energy and Economic Development (SEED) will conduct applied and policy-relevant research across a range of sustainable energy and environment topics, in addition to enhancing and supporting the economic development of the state of Kuwait.

SEED will strive to position GUST as a premier research and data resource for the state of Kuwait.


SEED will combine research and outreach services to serve the needs of the university and the greater community. As such, SEED will:

  1. Conduct public policy research on a wide range of sustainable energy challenges affecting the state of Kuwait
  2. Enhance the premier role GUST has in performing policy research in state of Kuwait, and promote the research activities of the members of the University in sustainable energy and economic development
  3. To establish and develop the capacity building needed for sustainable energy, and environment research
  4. To provide economic impact studies and data analysis, in addition to conducting surveys and survey analysis for both public and private sectors
  5. Organizing national or international courses, conferences, seminars and similar events and raising public awareness on energy-environment issues
  6. To pursue studies in order to contribute to the sustainable development of Kuwait
  7. Cultivate a network of partners and collaborators to engage in multi-sectoral, cross-cultural action research, basic research and policy advocacy
  8. To increase public awareness of benefits and challenges of energy and energy efficiency
  9. To conduct studies on environmental pollution caused by energy use and its socio-economic impacts, in addition to carrying out studies on possible methods implementation to reduce environmental pollution
  10. To offer training programs in the fields of sustainable energy and economic development by cooperating with the relevant units and departments of the university