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Mohamed Mahmoud Moustafa


Associate Professor

B.S. 1986  and MBA 1990 (Suez Canal University, Egypt)

M.S. Applied Statistics 2010 (University of Northern Colorado, USA)

Ph.D. 2001 (University of Manchester, UK)

Professional Biography

Mohamed M. Mostafa is currently an associate professor of marketing at the Gulf University for Science and Technology,  having previously been employed at universities in Egypt, Cyprus, Jordan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and the USA  

Research Interests

My current research interests include artificial Intelligence applications in marketing, neuromarketing/consumer neuroscience and social marketing.

Selected Publications

Mostafa, M. (2010), “A structural equation analysis of the animosity model of foreign product purchase in Egypt”, Global Business Review, 11(3): 347-363.

Mostafa, M. (2010), “A Bayesian approach to analyzing the ecological footprint of 140 nations”,Ecological Indicators, 10(4): 808-817.

Mostafa, M. (2010), “Altruistic, cognitive and attitudinal determinants of organ donation behavior in Egypt: a social marketing perspective”, Health Marketing Quarterly, 27(1): 97-115.

Mostafa, M. (2010), “Psychographic clustering of blood donors in Egypt using Kohonen’s self-organizing maps”, International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 15(2): 157-171.

Mostafa, M. (2010), “Does efficiency matter? Examining the efficiency-profitability link in the U.S. specialty retailers and food consumer stores”, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 59(3): 255-273.

Mostafa, M. (2010), “A neuro-computational intelligence analysis of the U.S. retailers’ efficiency”,International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics, 3(1): 135-162.

Mostafa, M. (2009), “Profiling blood donors in Egypt: a neural network analysis”, Expert Systems with Applications, 36(3): 5031-5038.

Mostafa, M. (2009), “Benchmarking the U.S. specialty retailers and food consumer stores: A data envelopment analysis approach”, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 37(8): 661-679.

Mostafa, M. (2009), “Shades of green: a psychographic segmentation of the green consumer in Kuwait using self-organizing maps”, Expert Systems with Applications, 36(8): 11030-11038.

Mostafa, M. and Nataraajan, R. (2009), “A neuro-computational intelligence analysis of the ecological footprint of nations”, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 53(9): 3516-3531.

Mostafa, M. (2008), “Through the eyes of a child: a meta-analytic study of children’s understanding of advertising intent”, Global Business Review, 9(2): 243-255.

Mostafa, M. (2007), “A hierarchical analysis of the green consciousness of the Egyptian consumer”,Psychology and Marketing, 24(5): 445-473.

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Mostafa, M. (2007), “Evaluating the competitive market efficiency of top listed companies in Egypt”,Journal of Economic Studies, 34(5): 430-452.

Mostafa, M. (2006), “Antecedents of Egyptian consumers’ green purchase intentions: A hierarchical multivariate regression model”, Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 19(2): 97-126.

Mostafa, M. (2006), “A comparison of SERVQUAL and I-P analysis: Measuring and improving service quality in Egyptian private universities”, Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 16(2): 83-104.

  Mostafa, M. (2005), “An experimental investigation of the Egyptian consumers’ attitudes towards surrealism in advertising”, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 29(3): 216-231.

  Mostafa, M. (2005) “An empirical study of patients’ expectations and satisfactions in Egyptian hospitals”, International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 18(7): 516-532.