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Mohamed Mahmoud Moustafa


BS in Business Administration, 1986, Port Said University, Egypt

MBA, 1990, Marketing, Port Said University, Egypt

MS, 2010, Applied Statistics, University of Northern Colorado, USA

MS, 2011, Functional Neuroimaging, Brunel University, UK

MA, 2015, Social Science Data Analysis, Essex University, UK

Ph.D., 2001, Marketing, University of Manchester, UK

Ph.D., 2015, International Affairs, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Professional Biography

Dr. Mohamed Moustafa has received a PhD in International Affairs from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and a PhD in Marketing from the University of Manchester, UK. He has also earned a MS in Applied Statistics from the University of Northern Colorado, USA, a MA in Social Science Data Analysis from Essex University, UK, a MSc in Functional Neuroimaging from Brunel University, UK, a MBA and a BSc at Port Said University, Egypt. He is also currently completing a MA in French Language and Civilization at Middlebury College, VA, USA. He was employed at universities in the USA, Portugal, Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey, France, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait. His current research interests include artificial Intelligence applications in political science, business and marketing. He has published over 60 research papers in several leading academic peer reviewed journals.

Research Interests

Modeling consumer behavior, consumer neuroscience/neuromarketing; art in advertising; political marketing; negative political advertising; green marketing; cross-cultural marketing/ management; service quality; artificial intelligence applications in marketing and business, business efficiency modeling/measurement and creativity and innovation.

Selected Publications

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  4. Mostafa, M. & El-Masry, A. (2013). “Citizens as consumers: profiling e-government services’ users in Egypt via data mining techniques”, International Journal of Information Management, 33(4): 627-641.
  5. Mostafa, M. (2013). “Wealth, post-materialism and consumers’ pro-environmental intentions: A multilevel analysis across 25 countries”, Sustainable Development, 21(6): 385-399.
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