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GUST Holds Professional Development Workshop to Improve Course Creation and Delivery

4 May 2017

Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) today announced that it held a five-day workshop in early April to help its faculty improve the creation and delivery of courses. The workshops were conducted by Dr. Andy Goodman, Associate Provost for Professional Development & Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at the University of Missouri - St. Louis (UMSL), and Mrs. Keeta Holmes, Director of Faculty Development at CTL at UMSL.  Participants who successfully complete all requirements of the workshops will be awarded a Certificate in Course Design.


The workshop, is the first in a series to be delivered to a total of 50 faculty-members, with a target to support GUST in creating a sustainable faculty development model, and to impart teaching and learning ideas, as well as research results between GUST and UMSL.  Another goal for the workshops is to improve the way courses are delivered to students by understanding them holistically in terms of their needs and backgrounds.


Dean of the College of Business Administration, Dr. Antonis Simintiras, said, “At GUST we have an advantage of having such an experienced and supporting partner in UMSL.  Their role has been instrumental in helping us achieve much of what we have been able to accomplish, not least the ranking of being the number one private university in Kuwait.  I am sure that by the time the workshops are delivered, and our faculty begin implementing what they have learned, we will be able to achieve even more.”

Last year, GUST became the only private university in Kuwait to rank among the top 100 universities in the Arab region by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), making it the top-ranked private educational institution in Kuwait.  Their methodology for ranking has been developed with the aim of reflecting specific challenges and priorities for institutions in the region, drawing on nine indicators including Academic Reputation and Papers per Faculty. 


Associate Provost for Professional Development & Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at the University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL), Dr. Andy Goodman, said, “It has been a pleasure working with GUST faculty.  They are dedicated, intelligent, and caring people who want the very best for their students.  They deeply delve into the components of course design to ensure their students can be engaged in coursework, motivated to succeed, and intentional in the processes used to ensure their graduates are of the highest caliber.”


Director of Faculty Development at CTL, Mrs. Keeta Holmes, added, “I very much have enjoyed meeting and working with the dedicated and talented faculty at GUST. The faculty are not just experts in their field. They care deeply about student learning and preparing GUST students to be thought leaders in the future. It was exciting and an honor to collaborate on meaningful ways to engage and creatively assess students.  GUST students are indeed lucky to have such devoted faculty so eager to help them be successful now and in the future.


This series of workshops is evidence that GUST, despite its young age, continues to take concrete steps to establish itself as the university of choice for students.  Recently, GUST received its 5th academic accreditation, this time for its Mass Communication and Media Department from the American Communication Association.  GUST also won the prestigious Gulf Programming Contest this year, which saw its teams go up against close to 50 others from around the region to solve complex programming problems, cementing its Computer Science Program, which is also accredited by ABET, as among the best in the Middle East.

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