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GUST Faculty Embark on Fellowship Program at UMSL

8 August 2017

GUST professors, Dr. Mohammed Laid Ouakouak and Dr. Mariam Alkazemi served as fellows this summer at GUST’s sister-institution, University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL), as part of the university’s Faculty Summer Fellowship Program.


Dr. Ouakouak, who teaches in GUST’s Business Administration Department, worked with Dr. Ekin Pellegrini from UMSL’s Department of Global Leadership and Management on a collaborative project that deals with internal and external factors affecting managerial decisions. Dr. Alkazemi, who teaches in GUST’s Mass Communication & Media Department, worked with Dr. Stephanie Van Stee from UMSL’s Department of Communication & Media on a project that includes content analysis of health-related websites.


The goal of the faculty fellowships is for GUST and UMSL faculty members to advance their research agendas while developing relationships between the two universities. The program is designed to recognize exceptional faculty contributions to the university and the academic community through commitment to scholarship, research, and creativity.


GUST Assistant Professor of Mass Communication, Dr. Mariam Alkazemi said, “By exploring how direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical websites communicate the benefits and risks of their products, their project explores health literacy in the digital age. Further, websites are being analyzed in terms of the intended audience since the United States and New Zealand are the only two nations that permit direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription medications.”  


This year, GUST and UMSL will celebrate 15 years of their strong and fruitful academic partnership, and 13 years of its Faculty Fellowship Program, with almost 40 GUST faculty members successfully conducting research with UMSL partners.


UMSL Communication & Media Assistant Professor, Dr. Stephanie Van Stee, said, “This has been an enriching experience. I'm so glad for the opportunity to work with a colleague from GUST on this research project.”


In addition to the ongoing faculty research partnerships, GUST has funded nine undergraduate student scholarships to attend summer session classes at UMSL just this year, along with an additional fourteen GUST MBA students participating in an UMSL course, which makes this the largest number of GUST faculty and students to visit UMSL during fifteen years of collaboration.


International Liaison for the GUST-UMSL partnership, Ms. Liane Constantine, said, “The fellowship program has served as an important tool not just for GUST’s young research faculty, but also to raise awareness of GUST and its remarkable research and development at UMSL. It is both rewarding and insightful to see the healthy progress, growth and ongoing academic excitement. Nothing can beat personal exchange within an institutional affiliation. We thank the GUST team for the opportunity to host some of their most ambitious young research faculty every year at UMSL.”


The two universities constantly build their partnership to include several facets of collaboration and growth for not only their students, but their faculty and academic programs simultaneously.