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GUST Student Completes Responsible Management Course at ESC Rennes

16 August 2017

GUST student, Noura Al-Khubazi, successfully completed a 10-day course this summer entitled “Responsible Management”, at Rennes School of Business in France. The course comes as part of GUST and Rennes’ annual student exchange program to diversify and enhance their students’ academic experience.


GUST Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Salah Al-Sharhan, said, “I am pleased to see the growth of our first collaboration with a European University such as Rennes School of Business. Seeing that GUST students are becoming more engaging in the exchange programs is a vital step to widen and enrich both their academic and cultural knowledge”.   


The Responsible Management course offers intensive academic and professional classes by a team of international professors with extensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) expertise from Rennes, and its partner universities. The course examines how responsible managers and their stakeholders can work together to create a more sustainable world. This program provides a valuable opportunity for GUST seniors to gain proficiency in the field.


Noura Al-Khubazi, said, “The time I spent at Rennes was very rewarding, both on an academic and personal level. Learning about CSR has changed the way I see the business world. Being able to exchange ideas and learn alongside peers from diverse backgrounds has made it such a special experience. Immersing myself in this new lifestyle abroad was the perfect addition to the collection of other experiences I had at GUST.”



Rennes and GUST signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2013 to work together on an exchange program for students. In the Spring 2017 semester, GUST welcomed two students from Rennes: Felix Foiret and Ahmed Mostafa, who attended courses at the GUST College of Business Administration as part of the exchange program. Study abroad programs are highly sought after at both universities for their ability to allow students to flourish academically, strengthen their character, and enjoy a well-rounded education.


Director of Administrative Academic Affairs, Mrs. Amani Gaber, said, “Some of the benefits of participating in an international exchange are that the students expand their comfort zones, become self-reliant, independent, and mature. These lessons can never be taught in a classroom.”


The Office of International Programs strives to promote and develop a wide range of educational opportunities for GUST undergraduates seeking to gain experiences abroad and advance their degree program with an international dimension of learning and engagement.