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GUST Celebrates Successful Consultancy Workshop with Jazeera Airways

11 December 2017

Jazeera Airways, Kuwait’s leading low cost airline, operating regionally and internationally, announced today in a press conference and ceremony held at Gulf University for Science and Technology’s (GUST) campus, that after a successful project completion by four students from GUST’s MBA program earlier this year, Jazeera Airways has been chosen as the university’s first consultancy workshop moving into 2018. The press conference was attended by the Jazeera Airways team, GUST management and MBA students, along with local media partners.



In 2016, Jazeera Airways signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with GUST that allows for an effective collaboration between both private entities, to share relevant business insights through student integration from their various majors. The MoU seeks to further develop aviation and business related academic studies, introduce new academic content to the curriculum, and provide graduate and undergraduate students with opportunities to explore locally-relevant real world challenges.


While working under the supervision of Jazeera Airways staff, a group of GUST MBA students, Madouna Antoine Ghanem, Sulaiman Abdulaziz AlAwadhi, Menino Xavier Noronha, and Rawan Osamah Ballani, assessed the meaning of customer loyalty and its inherent role in affecting buyers’ decisions, which produced a productive case study that led to plausible recommendations for the award winning carrier. The students were awarded during the press conference for their tremendous work on the project.



During the press conference, GUST President Professor Donald Bates honored Jazeera Airways with a token of appreciation for the valuable support provided by their in-house team to GUST’s first group of students. “We are pleased to have forged this fruitful collaboration with Jazeera Airways, a true home-grown pioneer. GUST is committed to the development of upcoming projects and looks forward to retaining a knowledge base that spans from finance and legal, to marketing and HR. As we progress into 2018, no doubt the New Year will be fruitful for our students and instructors alike as they witness and partake in the new movements by Jazeera Airways” said Bates.



With a focus on building long lasting relationships with the business community, GUST’s MBA program is indeed the graduate program of choice for all major stakeholders. An enviable position that GUST is determined to maintain and further enhance; providing its students with a well-rounded educational experience. GUST has been at the forefront of local institutions when it comes to providing internship programs, scholarship opportunities abroad, and even tools to search and apply for a suitable career upon graduation with its newly launched internal recruitment platform.


Jazeera Airways also awarded vouchers to the students as a small token of appreciation for their hard work that included detailed surveys, focus groups, market and industry research, and a competitive analysis.



Mr. Rohit Ramachandran, CEO of Jazeera Airways said, “GUST has made its mark academically over the years, and this project proves its prominent abilities.  This partnership reflects our corporate social responsibility approach to build future Kuwaiti generations with advanced skill sets, and equip them to be employable in the private sector. As the first private and non-government airline in the Middle East, following a progressive business model that has received recognition on several fronts, we are best placed to offer GUST a unique working experience. At Jazeera, we have been running a successful graduate program since October 2016 which has admitted 37 graduates to the scheme so far - many of whom have gone on to full employment with the airline.”


It is worth noting that Jazeera Airways’ long term objectives include providing important opportunities for the youth to prosper which is also demonstrated through its Graduate Development Program, a six month training program across various divisions in Jazeera Airways. At the end of the tenure, graduates would have gained a wealth of understanding in the commercial aviation business, technical fields, while also improving their career opportunities.