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GUST Bids Farewell to Dr. Sabah Al-Quaddoomi

14 December 2017

GUST organized a farewell ceremony last week to bid farewell to the Executive Vice President of the College of Engineering & Architecture, and Former Vice President of Academic Services, Dr. Sabah Al-Quaddoomi.



The ceremony brought together the GUST family including members of the Board of Trustees, top management, staff, faculty, friends, and students. Both Professor Donald Bates, and Dr. Raghad Al-Kazemi, spoke at the event, highlighting key moments of their time working with Dr. Al-Quaddoomi, his strong work ethic, and the memories they will cherish.



Additionally, a video was put together showcasing Dr. Al-Quaddoomi’s daily routine on campus, and included farewell messages from team members, colleagues, and alumni who have worked closely with him over the past 10 years.



Dr. Al-Quaddoomi first joined GUST in 2008, as Vice President for Academic Services and the Dean of Admissions and Registration. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from the University of Southern California in Electrical Engineering, and earned his PhD from the same university in Electrical Engineering and Communications.


We wish Dr. Al-Quaddoomi a happy retirement. We appreciate all the time, effort, and heart he has put in the university to get it to where it is today. He will be missed on campus.