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GUST Professor’s Article Published in Prestigious Nature Communications Journal following Summer Fellowship

15 February 2018

GUST Assistant Professor in the Mathematics & Natural Sciences Department, Dr. Kamaludin Dingle, was awarded a GUST fellowship last summer at the University of Oxford to conduct his research on applications of algorithmic information theory.



During his six weeks at the University of Oxford, Dr. Dingle was able to work directly with Theoretical Physics Professor Ard Louis and his research team on applications of algorithmic information theory to problems in applied probability, including predicting the effects of genetic mutations on RNA molecule shapes.


As a result of this research, Dr. Dingle, is the first GUST faculty member to publish an article entitled: Input-output maps are strongly biased towards simple outputs, in Nature Communications, which is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal published by the Nature Publishing Group since 2010, and encompasses the natural sciences, including physics, chemistry, Earth sciences, and biology. Nature Communications is one of the most prestigious multidisciplinary journals in the world with a 5-year impact factor of 13. The article was co-authored by Professor Ard Louis, and Oxford PhD candidate, Chico Camargo.


GUST Assistant Professor, Dr. Dingle, said “In our research, we combined techniques from theoretical computer science, applied mathematics, and physics, to make probability predictions in various real-world systems, such are RNA molecule folding. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to work with internationally renowned institutions and individuals in my field.”


GUST provides a limited number of faculty fellowships for research and development every summer, designed to recognize exceptional faculty contributions to the university and the academic community through commitment to scholarship, research, and creativity.