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Computer Science Students Showcase Capstone Projects

30 April 2018

Kuwait City, 30 April, 2018: Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) Computer Science students presented their capstone projects as part of their senior year requirements. The projects, which consisted of fully functional mobile applications, were presented to faculty members from the Computer Science Department, GUST management, and guests. The projects will be graded and included in the students’ final grades.


Six projects were presented using various material, including a live demonstration and hands-on testing of the application on smartphones. The students were able to demonstrate the application of theory and software development fundamentals through the development of their software applications. Through their ideas, they were able to provide solutions for contemporary real-world problems. The projects included a closet organizer called ‘MyCloset’, a full-fledged multiplayer game called ‘Sequence’, and an organizer specifically catered to GUST students called ‘Daily GUST’. All teams were mentored by Computer Science Department Associate Professor, Dr. Mahmoud Omar Elish.


GUST’s Head of the Computer Science Department, Dr. Taher Ali, said, “I can safely say that many of these projects can be commercialized, as they are designed with a high level of professionalism. We are extremely proud of the level of talent and creativity demonstrated by our students, and would like to congratulate them on their efforts. This event sheds light on the depth of the CS Department curriculum and the level of education provided by its faculty.”


The projects come as a culmination of the students’ integrative experience in GUST’s educational program, and demonstrate the level of knowledge attained. Following all the presentations, three teams were awarded:


  • - Best Technical Work - Shoufhum
  • - Best Idea - Eleos
  • - Best Presentation - Salaty


This event takes places every semester, and its goal is to highlight the vast amount of effort, concentration, and creativity it takes to put together a fully functional application or software applicable in daily life. GUST’s Computer Science Department continuously pursues opportunities to encourage its students to apply their imagination in technological innovations, applying what they learn in class to make a difference and address real-world issues.