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Introduction to the Writing Process

Academic English Anchor Cause Essay

Cause and Effect Sample Essay


Planning the argument essay - World War I: A Watershed Event in Human History

Planning the Essay

Planning the Comparison and Contrast Essay

Preparing to Write

Selecting and Restricting a Topic

First Draft

Response Essays: How to Write the First Draft

The Relationship Between Introductions and Conclusions

Tips for Writing Thesis Statements

Writing the Essay


Video - Cause and/or Effect Essay Introductions

Video - How to Write a Killer Thesis Statement - by Shmoop

Video - How to Write a Response Essay in 30 Minutes

Video - Model Cause and Effect Essay: The Great Wall of China

Video - In Defense of Rhetoric: No Longer Just for Liars (a 14-minunte video created by graduate students in the MA in Professional Communication program at Clemson University)

Video - Outlines for Cause and/or Effect Essays

Video - The Relationship Between Introductions and Conclusions

What Do You Need to Write?

* Invention

* Prewriting Introduction

* Prewriting Questions

* More Prewriting Questions

* Symptoms and Cures for Writer's Block

* More Writer's Block Strategies

* Outline Components

* How to Outline

* Types of Outlines

* Reverse Outlining

* Beginning Proofreading

* Proofreading for Errors

* Proofreading Suggestions

* Revising for Cohesion

* Steps for Revising