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OSL Campaigns



  • Motivational campaigns:


  • OSL conducts motivational campaigns annually to address the student’s ethical values and morale to lead a healthy social life. We aim to give back to the community and strive to create better citizens in our society.The values will be as follow:


 - GUST Stars: Gust students who are gifted, determined to reach the top with dedication and persistence.

 - GUST Giving:  about being kind, charitable, helpful, volunteering, selfless acts and giving.

 - GUST Love’s Kuwait: how can we be the ideal citizens to present our country proudly.

 - GUST Drive: This will revolve around the code of conduct while driving to and from GUST, supports the traffic law system, expressing   appreciations to the officers of law.




  • - GUSTIVITY (G+):
  • OSL has launched its GUSTIVITY (G+) Campaign all over the university campus in a collaboration with Alnowair. The campaign’s main goal is promote and spread positivity across the university campus. The campaign is a yearlong initiative that will focus on specific forms of positivity throughout the year.


The campaign teaser which launched last week was a series of small gifts from the various shops and eating establishments across campus where random students, staff and faculty won free items over the week.


Initiative driven to spread a positive attitude at GUST through passion, simplicity, meaningful ideas and exercises to create a more positive environment where we help GUST students discover their inner positivity and set a benchmark for other educational institutions in Kuwait. This can also equip GUST students with various tools and idea that they can use in their personal life.



• Orientation Activities.
• Gratitude Campaign.
• Kindness Campaign.
• Joy Campaign.

- GUST Heroes:


OSL will be continuing the motivational campaign for the 2nd year, where we celebrate the definitions of humanity, ethics and values that will positively add to our community in Gust and the society as well. We strive for heroism in the spiritual ethical world, the campaign will highlight different values monthly looking a student hero every month who will fulfill the required action.