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Events and Activities:

  • Online Events and Activities:
  • The Office of Student Life would like to announce the best things that’s happened to GUST events since the pandemic period started. If you’ve been looking for a new space where you can host an event, but don’t want to leave your safe zone, this is your chance. You can book for your ONLINE EVENT now via OSL   Click Here




  • Mission:


    The Office of Student Life is tasked to accommodate all events and activities on campus or related to the university, ensures the students engagement and participation in GUST events and activities to enable them steer their self-development, enhance their social skills and learning progress.

    We guarantee a true GUST experience.




  • Events Validity measurement:

  • 1.Any proposed event/ activity concerning students internal or external should be submitted through the Office of Student Life.

    2. The event’s content should go through screening process, then approved/ rejected by Head of the Office of Student Life.

    3.All event’s reservations go through the Office of Student Life.

    4.The requested event should not overlap with any other campus events that are before have in GUST master activity calendar (date, time, venue, purpose...).

    5.Avoid events redundancy and events repetition in order to maintain the diversity of events and activities on campus.

    6.All sorts of events and activities are permitted within the boundaries of GUST’s rules and regulations.

    7.No approval will be given to any proposed event that may contain an inappropriate content such as language abuse, unsuitable movies, or  films  or any unacceptable materials that would contradicts GUST’s culture and traditions.

    8.Any sort of media coverage and video recording will be referred to the PR department for clearance approval.

    9.The Office of Student Life should be informed of the presence of any VIP individual for any event to take the necessary action.

    10.No events will be held during GUST’s final examination period.

    13.The OSL will coordinate the events details with the concerned departments for further support and facilitation to maintain event’s high standards quality.

  • Public Relations (Media coverage).
  • IT Department for events tech support.
  • Facility Management (Construction work), overtime and venue inspection in case of damages.
  • Security for gate access, securing the events area and VIP parking’s reservations.
  • If any of the above is not applicable to the event, it will be rejected.



  Events and activities criteria:


  • - Educational events such as certified workshops, symposiums and seminars that are presented by professors and pioneers in the intended activity field.
  • - Entertaining events such as music concerts, plays and carnivals, etc…
  • - Awareness activities which would concern different aspects such as environmental, health, traffic etc.….