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Events and Activities:

  • Mission:

    The Office of Student Life is tasked to accommodate all events and activities on campus or related to the university, ensures the students engagement and participation in GUST events and activities to enable them steer their self-development, enhance their social skills and learning progress.

    We guarantee a true GUST experience.



  • Events Validity measurement:

  • Any proposed internal/external event that will be held on campus must go through the Office of Student Life in order to maintain events standards quality, avoid overlapping and other conflicts to ensure better service and communication. The Office of Student Life is responsible to review, approve and accommodate the events requirements with the concerned departments.

- Any proposed event should be submitted through the Office of Student Life.

- Any event content should be reviewed and approved on by the Office of Student Life.

- All event reservations will be done by the Office of Student Life.

- The requested event should not conflict or interfere with any other campus event reserved on GUST master activity calendar (date, time, venue, purpose...).

- Avoid events redundancy in order to create diversity in event purposes and types.

- Seminars and workshops are permitted within the University given that they do not violate the university bylaws.

- No approval will be given to any proposed event that contains inappropriate actions such as language abuse, unsuitable movies, and/or unacceptable acts in concerts.

- The event content should not discriminate on the basis of sensitive issues in politics, religion, race/origins, physical handicap and disability.

- Media coverage and video recording of any event should be made through the PR department, in case of any individual request, a prior approval is needed.

- The Office of Student Life should be informed of VIP attendees of all proposed event.

- The Office of Student Life will inform the upper management of any VIP attendees or any important events.

- No events will be held during final examination period.

- Providing notifications for any requested event to the involved departments in order to facilitate the requirements.

- If any of the above is not applicable to the event, it will be rejected.


Events Organized by clubs:

- The Student Club submits an official request to the OSL.

- In case of certified seminars and lectures, Student Club should attach resume for the instructor.

- Any announcements or ads should be reviewed and approved by the OSL in advance.

- OSL will inform the concerned department (IT, PR, Security and FM) about the event details and requirements.

- Student Club should follow up with the concerned department to insure the success of the event.