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College of Arts & Sciences

Humanities & Social Sciences Department

Assistant Professor in Arabic Language
Assistant Professor in Middle Eastern History

Mass Communication Department

Full/Associate/Assistant Professors in Media Production
Full/Associate/Assistant Professors in General Communication
Full/Associate/Assistant Professor in Visual Communication

English Department

Full/Associate/Assistant Professor in English Composition
Assistant Professor in Translation

Mathematics & Natural Science Department

Assistant Professor in Applied Math
Assistant Professor in Biology

Computer Science Department

Full/Associate/Assistant Professor in Cybersecurity
Full/Associate/Assistant Professor in Data Science/ Cybersecurity
Foundation Program Unit

English Foundation Unit

Instructor in English Language
College of Business Administration

Accounting & MIS Department

Full/Associate/Assistant Professors in Accounting
Full/Associate/Assistant Professor in MIS

Economics & Finance Department

Full/Associate/Assistant Professor in Economics
Full/Associate/Assistant Professors in Finance

Business Administration Dept.

Full/Associate/Assistant Professors in Business Law
Full/Associate/Assistant Professors in Marketing
Full/Associate/Assistant Professors in Management
Academic Affairs

College of Engineering

Associate Dean for College of Engineering
Interim Dean for College of Engineering
College of Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Chair and Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Engineering Management

Chair and Professor in Engineering Management