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OSC Advisor

The job responsibilities of the (OSC) will be split between On and Off campus activities.

The 3 main areas of work:

1. Recruit:

  • Plan, participate & execute GUST marketing events in collaboration with the PR & marketing department.
  • Prepare the OSA event calendar before the beginning of the academic year which will include school visits and GUST open days.


  • Receive new student?s inquiries.
  • Provide full information about GUST: facilities, majors, grading, probation & dismissal, GUST scholarships, 2+2, summer scholarships,       extracurricular activities, student employment.
  • Plan an orientation tour for the student & parent.

3. Timeline:

  • Help student fill the online application.
  • Schedule placement test, collect fee and deliver scores.
  • Complete admission process.
  • Register & enroll the student in classes.
  • Explain the major sheet, set up email account & generate student ID.
  • Advise student about application dates for PUC, GUST scholarships and financial aid.
  • Complete the accommodation form if the student is special needs to be sent to the relative faculty.
  • Follow up on the students? attendance during the semester.
  • Provide a mid-semester report to the parent about student progress.
  • Act as first point of contact for any inquires raised by the student and or his/her parents.
  • Document all communication between advisor & student.
  • Discuss the grades achieved at the end of each semester; identify areas of strength and that which needs work.
  • Advise the student about next semester enrollment.
  • Advise the student about the ?grade appeal? process if warranted.

4. KPI's:

  • Student to graduate in 4 years.
  • Student?s GPA not to fall below 2.00 and to remain in good standing.
  • Consistent follow up with the student to generate student/parent satisfaction with the service.