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Team Leader

We are seeking highly qualified Team Leader needed for an educational project in Kuwait.

Key Role: 
Team Leader is responsible for the management of the overall educational development and the quality of their output. 

1) Provide guidance and training to teachers through work shop programs and individual mentoring if required.  
2) Conduct interviews for prospective staff and lead a recruitment panel during demo lessons 
of potential teachers. 
3) Develop courses and curriculum as required. 
4) Assign tasks and projects to academic supervisors, administrative supervisors, teachers 
and other team members accordingly. 
5) Meet with and collect feedback from academic supervisors on formal class observations. 
6) Prepare annual performance reports on members of the team. 
7) Communicate instructions from the military school commander to the team. 
8) Manage and approve staff leave requests. 
9) Ensuring assessment and feedback strategies are of the highest standards and have a direct   
   impact on improving the quality of teaching and learning
10) Communicate effectively with the MOD Leaders Team; Teachers and the Students
11) Ensuring procedures and practices are met and developed according e.g. placement tests 
12) Managing the flow of general day-to-day operations. 

- PhD degree in English Language from an accredited University, preferably teaching English Language. 
- Professional Certificates: TESOL or CELTA 
- A minimum of 3 years of academic work experience relevant in academic purpose program, with significant administrative experience, as head of a major academic or administrative units in an academic environment or the equivalent business or government organization. 
- Prefer an experience in Curriculum Development in education and Language Teaching. 
Technical Skills: 
 - Advanced Microsoft Office Skills. 
 - Advanced knowledge in implementing and working with Systems.