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Art Officer


Key Role: 
* Create Art interests in students and develop Art talents
* Organize Art events and annual Art exhibitions
* Carry out various administrative duties, as required
* Execute duties in alignment with the department's Strategic Plan 
* Assist in the development and execution the department's budget 
* Adhere to the University's and department's policies & procedures 
* Establish art activities teams
* Assess the individual student's art ability, develop and supervise individual activity plan.
* Develop students' individual interests in art appreciation and art contributions
* Encourage students to fill blank time with art 
* Develop art programs, activities, and events to enrich students? art experiences & interests 
* Facilitate workshops, demonstrations, & performances 
* Coordinate on-campus and off-campus art activities including publicity, program budgets, contracts, & physical arrangements 
* Maintain contact with organizations & agencies that support art programs 
* Provide support outside standard office hours when required
* Promote positive relationships between the students & University 
Technical Skills
* Teaching Art and coordinating art activities
* Supervisory Skills 
Behavioral Skills 
* Interpersonal Skills 
* Oral Communication Skills 
* People management skills