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Lab Instructor (English Dept.) - Full Time


Key Role :
The lab Instructor will be responsible for installation, maintenance, and monitoring of writing lab. And to ensure to provide the students with advanced technical knowledge related to their study field.
Responsibilities :
* Performs supervisory support of coursework 
* Introduces theoretical background of experiments 
* Grades writing assignments as needed
* Proctors final exams
* Improves and updates writing lab manual
* Manages set up, maintenance, and organization of writing lab
* Prepares and sets-up all materials needed for writing lab workshops
* Ensures that equipment is tracked carefully in an inventory
* Other duties as assigned
Technical Skills:
Advanced knowledge while dealing with technical equipment
Behavioral Skills:
* Strong interpersonal skills and be able to work well with colleagues and faculty with minimal supervision Excellent verbal and written              communication skills
* Self-motivated and display inactivate in accomplishing tasks, and be a good problem solver
* Willing to learn new tasks as needed to support the laboratory work of the department
Attention to details
* Presentation Skills