Date posted
November 9, 2023

Senior Academic Affairs Analyst


Under general supervision and at the direction of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, gather data and generate statistical analytics; serve as a resource person to Senior Management and Academic Units.


  1. Assist the Vice President for Academic Affairs with daily operations (i.e. scheduling meetings, managing the calendar, reporting meetings, and documents archiving).
  2. Liaise with the different Academic Affairs units.
  3. Compile and audit budgets (with the assistance of the Finance Department) of all units under academic affairs and submit them to VPAA for approval.
  4. Assist in auditing and adjusting the class schedule in any given scheduling stage
  5. Assist in setting up the academic affairs strategic plan.
  6. Support the office in other administrative tasks that might be needed.
  7. Build statistical models crucial to maintaining efficient enrollment and other data related to academic divisions.
  8. Generate and maintain data analytics pertaining to spatial planning and efficient room utilization such as WSCH/FTE (Weekly Student Contact Hours / Full-time Equivalent)
  9. Prepare summary reports (i.e. Teaching Load Reports, Adjuncts Reports, Utilization Reports…etc.).
  10. Maintain and update Academic Affairs policies & and procedures as directed by the VPAA.
  11. Conduct audits, reports, and special projects and make recommendations as requested by the VPAA.
  12. Compile graphical presentations and assist in preparing letters and memos to Senior Management under the supervision of the VPAA.


Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Data Science, or any other related field (minimum).

Professional Certificates

  • Principles of statistical systems analysis, project planning, and design (Preferable).
  • Principles of automated data processing and information systems (Preferable).


Minimum of 6 years in a similar role.

Job Specific Competencies

  • Specialized in technical and administrative principles, practices & and procedures related to Academic Affairs.
  • Computer Literacy (Office, MATLAB, or similar).
  • Programming (intermediate to advanced proficiency).
  • Communication skills (oral and written) in Arabic and English.
  • Accountable and maintains confidentiality.
  • Team player.
  • Well organized and adaptable.
  • Effective conflict resolution skills.
  • Professional working relationships with others.
  • Initiative taker.

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