Testing Meet the Alumni Office

The Alumni Career-Center supports maintaining strong relations among an exceedingly engaged, vibrant community of more than 9,000 alumni. Graduates of GUST are the most potent symbol of success and effectiveness as an institution, and it is only appropriate that the Center continues to support and nurture alumni along their professional journey. As part of the mission and accomplishing our objectives, alumni are offered outstanding services and continuous support throughout their careers.

Testing Our Mission & Vision

Sustainable and Active Community

To cultivate GUST loyalty by creating a sustainable community of alumni and encouraging them to participate actively and passionately in the community through offering a dynamic alumni program that would foster lifelong bonds between GUST and its graduates who are forever the genuine asset of GUST.

GUST Alumni Association

One of the most important objectives for the Alumni Office at GUST is to establish the “GUST Alumni Association” and encourage all alumni to become active members. The Alumni Office provides various activities, programs and events that are designed to meet the needs of all alumni. In order to promote active interaction between the members, the Alumni Office is devoted to establish and administer a networking website of the Alumni association.