Mission of GEAR

GUST Engineering & Applied Innovation Research Centre (GEAR) is dedicated to providing a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and groundbreaking research initiatives. That is, our mission is highlighted by encouraging collaboration among researchers from various engineering disciplines to address complex, real-world challenges. In addition, we target to attract world-class researchers, faculty, and students dedicated to engineering research excellence, and, facilitate the seamless transfer of knowledge, ideas, and technology between academia and industry. Join us as we strive to make a lasting impact through cutting-edge research and innovation.

Research Themes

Our major research themes include:

  • Renewable, Clean and Sustainable Energies,
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Engineering,
  • Simulation and Modeling in Engineering,
  • Dynamics of Digital Transformation in a Hyperconnected World, and
  • Cybersecurity.

GEAR's Team

Centre’s Chair

Assoc. Prof. Ibrahim Maharik

Steering Committee

Prof. Robert J Marley

Prof. Bulent Yillmaz

Prof. Erkan Bayraktar

Prof. Fadi Sibai

Assoc. Prof. Babul S Ibrahim

Assist. Prof. Israa C. Hussein

Assoc. Prof. Abedalmuhdi Al Momany

Assist. Prof. Muhammed Sutcu

Eng. Yasmeen AlSaleh

Eng. Sara Salah