ENGL 203 English Grammar 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 110 coreq & English Major

Presents an introduction to the terms and concepts of traditional grammar, beginning with the parts of speech and moving to more complex structures such as phrases, clauses and sentences. Complex structures are made up from words in regular ways, and it is possible to describe the regularities involved by giving general statements or rules that hold for all the sentences in the language.

ENGL 204 Language and Culture 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 112 & non-English majors

Investigates different aspects of cross-cultural communication and cultural differences: family life, social relationships, the workplaces, government, education, gender, romance and religion. Engages students in personal self-reflection, hands-on experiences with a goal of greater understanding of the human connections that span across cultures.

ENGL 205 Introduction to Linguistics 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 112 coreq & ENGL 203 & English Majors

Surveys linguistics with emphasis on what the field reveals about the English language. Topics include the sounds of language, grammar, writing systems, language acquisition, language in society, language history, dialects, and usage.

ENGL 206 Practical English Grammar 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 112 & non-English majors

Provides non-English majors with fundamental knowledge about English grammar and its practical applications in academic contexts. Includes parts of speech, phrase types and sentence types. Reviews verb forms and verb tenses. Introduces word formation and sentence structure.

ENGL 207 Introduction to Translation 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 203

Introduces an overview of the field of translation studies. Familiarizes students with the key terminology within the field while offering them analytical tools that assist them in understanding the process of translation. Focuses on the basic linguistic and cultural challenges in translation from a source language to a target language.Emphasizes practical issues involved in translation process.

ENGL 208 Advanced Business Communications 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 112

Emphasizes the use of digital technology and rhetorical strategies to facilitate effective professional communication in international business settings. In this course students will work in pairs or small group on projects that simulate realistic international business communication scenarios. In these projects students will practice and master the skills necessary for digital personal branding, working in teams, delivering professional presentations, and interacting with customers and business partners.

ENGL 209 Introductory Topics in Translation 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 207 & 212

Covers topics of professional interest in translation in various areas of specialization such as legal, commercial, technical, scientific and audio visual translation. Topics include translation for the government, translation for business, translation for multimedia and digital humanities. Discusses translation ethics. Exposes students to the basics of computer-aided translation.

ENGL 212 Arabic Grammar for Translators 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 203

Focuses on the elements of grammatical mastery in the Arabic language with an emphasis on the many textual features of the Arabic language.

ENGL 219 Arabic Composition 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 212

Introduces students to a variety of Arabic texts which will aid them in grasping the structural and stylistic characteristics of academic and professional written Arabic. Enhances and refines students' ability to write Arabic texts in different genres by incorporating writing practices, techniques, and specialized terminology.

ENGL 300 History of the English Language 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 203

Provides a historical survey of the English language from its Indo-European roots through Old and Middle English to the present. Topics include changes in sound, meaning, and grammar, as well as developments in American English, including regional and social dialects.

ENGL 302 Phonetics & Phonology 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 205

Introduces students to the science of sounds in the English Language. Its main objective is to improve our students’ pronunciation; therefore, emphasis is put upon the two main varieties of the English language, British English and American English. The main aspects of English Phonology are also covered in this course to explain the relationship between pronunciation and meaning. The communicative value of intonation is also studied to show the students the importance of this feature in conveying extra linguistic meanings.

ENGL 310 Translation Theory & Practice 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 207 & ENGL 212

Introduces students to the various theories in the field and their application in translation.

ENGL 311 Morphology 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 205

Introduces students to the study of lexicon as seen from the viewpoint of modern theories of grammar.

ENGL 312 Translation with Technology 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 310

Introduces students to translation software and to principles of machine translation. Exposes students to a variety of computer-based translation techniques and translation programs.

ENGL 313 Syntax 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 205

Provides an overview of modern English grammar from the perspectives of traditional, structural, and transformational grammar.

ENGL 315 Applied Natural Language Processing 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 205 & 299

Focuses on the interaction between computers and human language. Provides students with essential skills and knowledge for the processing and analysis of natural language data. Engages in practical projects to apply NLP techniques to specific linguistic and computational cases, offering opportunities for experimentation and innovation.

ENGL 361 Translation for the Media 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 209 & 310 & program=UENG

Introduces students to the practice of translation for the media. This subject establishes a theoretical framework for media translation and offers extensive practice in translating materials in a wide range of media.

ENGL 370 Translation for Science & Technology 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 209 & 310 & program=UENG

Introduces students to the practice of translation for science and technology. It establishes a theoretical framework for translating scientific and technological idioms and expressions and offers extensive practice in translating materials in a wide range of texts.

Prerequisite: ENGL 209 & 310 & program=UENG

Introduces students to the practice of legal translation. This subject establishes a theoretical framework for legal translation and offers extensive practice in translating key documents in a wide range of legal fields.

ENGL 409 Special Topics in Translation 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 312

Approaches translation as a wider extra-textual phenomenon that considers cultural encounters as acts of translation. Introduces functionalist, cultural approaches to translation and the critical methods of cultural studies. Covers major historical processes including orientalism, colonialism, post-colonialism, and globalization. Focuses on issues of identity, gender, representation and authenticity of source cultures, and cultural appropriation by the target culture. Requires competency of both Arabic and English to read, analyze, and translate key texts in travel writing.

ENGL 410 Semantics 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 205

Provides students with an introductory theoretical background of the study of meaning reinforced by practical exercises in a way that helps the students to grasp the idea of meaning and acquire some critical and analytical thinking toward meanings in the language.

ENGL 411 Pragmatics 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 205

Introduces students to the process of making meaning and the possibility of communication in the English language. Topics include Speech act theory, politeness theory, and relevance theory.

ENGL 412 Applied Linguistics 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 205

Focuses on the application of the outcomes of linguistic theory upon the many social practices involving language understanding.

ENGL 413 Discourse Analysis 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 205

Investigates the correlation between form and function in English. The framework of study is based on Critical Discourse analysis, as advocated by Norman Fairclough and Teun Van Dijk.

ENGL 414 Translation Project 3.00

Prerequisite: Senior Standing

Helps students to work closely with his/her instructor on the production of an extended translation related topic of the student's own choice. Assists students to improve their expertise in examining texts and analyzing the academic, theoretical, linguistic, and socio-cultural issues underlying communication across cultures. Enhances student's ability to conduct professional translation both in English and Arabic texts. Helps students conduct an advanced project in translating texts from English into Arabic and vice versa

ENGL 415 Language in Society 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 300 / 205

Examines the ways in which relationships and structures in society influence language and vice versa. Explores variations in language that are determined by region, gender, socio-economic level, and cultural background. Introduces major sociolinguistic theories. Explores methods of analyzing language issues in the students' own lives to help them establish positions in the light of findings of sociolinguistic research.

ENGL 420 Second Language Acquisition 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 205

Provides theoretical and practical resources and skills necessary for exploring the theories and applications of second language acquisition of phonology, morphology and pragmatics. Provides an in-depth understanding of the theoretical foundations and practical application for teaching English to speakers of other languages.

ENGL 421 Psycholinguistics 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 205

Introduces basic theories and findings in the study of the psychological process of language use, with a focus on the comprehension, production, acquisition, and representation of the language. Psycholinguistics is an area of specialization in cognitive psychology that focuses on the psychological components of the language processor. This course emphasizes the commonalities that underline human language everywhere, and we will focus on what these commonalities tell us about the basic nature of the human language capacity.

ENGL 424 Advanced Topics in Linguistics 3.00

Prerequisite: Senior standing & Linguistics

Serves as a seminar for advanced students of linguistics and translation. Examines advanced topics within the study of language and linguistics. Aims to build on the knowledge of linguistic theories acquired in earlier ENGL courses. Explores the theoretical foundations of one or more modern/ dominant theories of language and linguistics, with special reference to their methodological assumptions and applications as manifested in investigations of the core areas of phonetics/ phonology, morphology and semantics.

ENGL 499 Internship in Translation 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 414

Provides students with opportunities to explore career interests while applying knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in a work settings. Helps students gain a clearer sense of what they still need to learn or how their skills can be improved and provides an opportunity to build professional networks.

ENGL 299 Introduction to Research Methods 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 205

Introduces the scientific method in language studies and quantitative/ qualitative research methods. Familiarizes students with data collection techniques and basic data analysis using MS-Excel.

ENGL 272 Languages of the World 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 203

Introduces the student to the concepts of langauge, dialect, and linguistic diversity. Presents geographical and historical survey of the world's languages, focussing on the ways in which languages can differ from one another. Explains language endangerment, language extinction, and the threat to lingustic diversity it poses. Requires that students investigate one of the world's lesser known languages and report on its status with respect to issues discussed in class.

ENGL 350 Translation for Business and Commerce 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 209 & 310 & program=UENG

Introduces students to the practice of translation for business and commerce. This subject establishes a theoretical framework for business translation and offers extensive practice in translating materials in business and commerce.