Mission Statement

The English Department equips students with the skills necessary to communicate clearly in English, to think critically, and to realize their complete potential as creative individuals, active members of society, and lifelong learners. The department prepares students for the increasingly complex issues of the twenty-first century by emphasizing the development of cultural awareness, rhetorical flexibility, information literacy, and reverence for literary traditions.

Department Objectives

The English Department is committed to facilitating the achievement of the following objectives for all students enrolled in our courses:

1. Respond to literature in light of cultural values and literary history.

2. Read and analyze a wide range of texts, images, and other cultural artifacts

3. Utilize analytic and creative writing strategies in a variety of contexts

4. Expand their research skills and incorporate research effectively into writing.

5. Develop an understanding of the role that literature, literary study, writing, and rhetoric plays in shaping culture and society