Mission, Vision & Goals


The mission of the Mathematics Foundation Unit (MFU) is to provide quality instruction to students after assessing their mathematical needs in order for them to be successful in their academic endeavors.


To be one of the leading institutes in Kuwait by setting standards of excellence in innovative curriculum design, teaching, professional development, and cross-cultural understanding.


The Mathematics Foundation Unit is designed to support students who need to improve their mathematic skills to the level required to study in University.

Student Goals

Students of the MFU program will be actively involved in their own learning and will:

  • Develop math knowledge and skills that involve the following:
  1. Employing mathematical information symbolically, visually, and numerically
  2. Applying arithmetic, algebraic, and geometric models to solve problems
  3. Formulating mathematical models, such as formulas, graphs, and tables
  4. Applying mathematical skills to estimate and check answers to mathematical problems
  5. Determining reasonableness, alternatives, and correctness & completeness of solutions
  • Develop critical thinking skills and transfer their knowledge to other learning environments
  • Develop and apply the necessary skills for the use of technology to enhance their learning, communication and collaboration
  • Follow ethical standards of conduct and maintain academic integrity including in the use of technology
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate and collaborate with diverse groups of people
  • Develop self-efficacy