Selecting and Narrowing Topic


How do I cite sources in my speech?

Direct Quotations :

These should be acknowledged in your speech or presentation either as “And I quote...” or “As [the source] put it...”

Book :

Include title and author: “According to April Jones, author of Readings on Gender...”

Periodical/Magazine :

Include title and date: “Time, March 28, 2005, explains...” or “The New York Times, June 5, 2006, explained it this way...”

Journal :

Include journal title, date, and author: “Morgan Smith writes in the Fall 2005 issue of Science...”

Website :

For organizational or long-standing website, include title: “The center for Disease Control website includes information...”

For news or magazine websites, include title and date: “, on March 28, 2005, states...” (Note: CNN is an exception to the “don’t use the address” rule because the site is known by that name).

Interviews, lecture notes, or personal communication :

Include name and credentials of source: “Alice Smith, professor of Economics at USM, had this to say about the growth plan...” or “According to junior Speech Communication major, Susan Wallace...".