Selecting and Narrowing Topic

Finding Sources

A good speech uses good supports. Supporting materials can do several things for your speech:

  • make your speech more convincing,
  • give you, the speaker, more credibility,
  • make your speech more interesting.

Three basic qualities your supporting materials should have are:

  1. accuracy - they should be true,
  2. relevancy - they should apply directly to your topic,
  3. reliability - the information should be from a source your audience can trust.

My recommendation:

  • Get your sources from will a published source or from an organization or agency you can rely on;
  • Published and reliable sources are available on the web but they can be difficult to find if mixed in with a bunch of "junk";
  • An easier place to get published and reliable sources;
  • Go to the library web page & click on the Article tab then just type in your search.