Dr. Wassim Daher

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Gulf university for Science and Technology. Our department aims to provide students with a solid background in Mathematics and Science. We, at the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, aim also to develop students’ curiosity for learning, enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and expose them to real life problems arising in Mathematics and Science. We strive to make our students enjoy their learning experience and admire the subjects.

We understand that learning Mathematics could be challenging for some students, then we always work on boosting students' self-confidence, make them believe in their ability to handle challenging problems, and wisely guide them to achieve their goals. We believe that every student has the ability to excel in Mathematics, provided that he/she finds the optimal learning environment together with the self-motivation and hard work.

Our faculty are highly qualified for teaching and conducting state of the art research in their fields of specialty. They are all holding degrees from highly reputable Universities and they are conducting impactful research leading to publications in many of the top peer-reviewed journals (such as journals by Nature Publishing Group and several other journals at the Q1 level). All our faculty members are passionate with their discipline and strive to pass this passion to their students and make them lifelong learners in the subjects they teach. They also supervise motivated students in performing undergraduate research, which is currently leading to several journal papers of high-quality.