Exploring Language Dynamics

The Linguistics/Translation concentration trains and prepares students to understand, experience, and apply language concepts. As an applied linguistic activity, the program qualifies students to further their studies in translation, and to use the subject matter in other areas, such as sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, speech therapy, and computational linguistics.

Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics/Translation

Unlocking Diverse Horizons

Students leave equipped with knowledge that will enhance their linguistic abilities, enabling them to translate any text from English into Arabic or vice versa effectively. As a result, they can find opportunities to work as translators in numerous institutions in Kuwait, where the need for professional translators is vital. Translation is an applied linguistic activity; therefore, this program accentuates the theoretical background, qualifying students to further their studies not only in translation, but also in other linguistic sciences such as socio-linguistics, forensic linguistics, psycho-linguistics, speech therapy, and computational linguistics.

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