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Computer Science Major

Dr. Mahmoud Elish

Head of Department


The BS in Computer Science is designed for those interested in software and computer systems. Graduating seniors can find fulfilling careers in many related areas such as cybersecurity, networks, Internet programming, software and mobile apps development, data science, AI, graphics, or pursue additional graduate studies. The program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, https://www.abet.org.



Computer science is concerned with the science of computing, the scientific design and use of computer hardware and software in all these areas. Computer science is a broad discipline, encompassing software design and programming, the actual computing machinery, the theoretical foundations, and all of the applications of computing which pervade our modern society. This major provides an in-depth study of computing with an emphasis on the software, hardware and theory of computation to solve commercial, scientific and technical problems. It also explores software design and programming, computer hardware, the theoretical foundations of computing and its present and potential applications.



Students become highly skilled in the core areas of programming and software development, algorithms and data structures, and computer systems including operating systems and computer networks. Computer science electives include artificial intelligence, internet and web programming, eCommerce, mobile computing, network security and selected topics in computer science.