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Bachelor of Science in Finance

The undergraduate finance program at GUST prepares students to meet the high proficiency standards needed to complete professional designations (e.g. CFA) and master's degree in finance. Students will learn how to become a strategic, skilled financial expert whom individuals and businesses will trust to create and analyze financial plans. In addition, students can also select finance tracks offered in banking, economics and insurance. The track certificate will be in addition to any degree the student may receive and is intended to provide additional evidence of attaining a specific body of knowledge. These tracks will provide students with a solid foundation and specialization for specific career option in the financial industry.


The Bachelor of Science in Finance is typically a 120 credit-hour, four-year degree program. Students are required to complete 40 courses for graduation. The coursework includes:



Credit Hours

Number of Courses

General Education Requirements

42 credit hours

14 courses

College Requirements

33 credit hours

11 courses

Major Requirements

21 credit hours

7 courses

Major Electives

15 credit hours

5 courses

Free Electives

9 credit hours

3 courses


120 credit hours

40 courses


Students who pursue a specialization in Finance must take the following major required courses.


Major Requirements (7 Courses)

·         FIN 304 / Corporate finance

·         FIN 309 / Computer applications in finance

·         FIN 320 / Investments

·         FIN 321 / Risk management

·         FIN 350 / Financial markets and institutions

·         FIN 351 / Islamic banking and finance

·         FIN 380 / International finance


In addition, Finance students should take five major elective courses from the following list.


Major Electives (Any 5 courses)

·         ECON 310 / money, banking and monetary theory

·         FIN 341 / Commercial bank management

·         FIN 352 / Islamic banking and finance II

·         ECON 481 / Introduction to econometrics

·         ECON 495 / Special topics in economics

·         FIN 359 / Portfolio management

·         FIN 361 / Principals of Insurance

·         FIN 495 / Special topics in finance

·         FIN 327 / Real estate investment