Welcome to GUST's Center for Sustainable Development

GUST Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) formerly known as Sustainable Energy and Economic Development (SEED), was established in June 2021 in alignment with the Graduate Studies & Research office objectives and its goals to support all types of research programs in various research areas.

The main objective of the GUST Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) is to conduct applied and policy-relevant research across a range of sustainable energy and environment topics, in addition to enhancing and supporting the economic development of the state of Kuwait.

About CSD

GUST Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) is a national and regional organization dedicated to promoting sustainable energy and environmental practices through research, policy advocacy, and outreach. They conduct studies, provide economic impact analysis, and offer training programs to improve the environment, enhance economic development, and raise public awareness about energy and environmental issues in Kuwait.


Here you will find information about the talented individuals who make up our team and contribute to our mission of promoting sustainable energy and environmental practices in Kuwait. Our dedicated team is committed to conducting impactful research, advocating for effective policies, and engaging in outreach activities to achieve our goals. Get to know the individuals behind SEED and learn about their expertise and contributions in the field of sustainable energy and economic development.

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