Dr. Kamaludin Dingle

Director of Graduate Studies and Research Office

A warm welcome to GUST’s research hub. As a leading private institute of higher education in Kuwait, the mission of the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) is to provide and maintain teaching excellence by nurturing knowledge, critical thinking, and innovation. These qualities depend on building a research environment whose capacities are consolidated through graduate studies programs that actively engage students, and collaborative research projects. The Graduate Studies and Research Office comprises three offices: graduate studies, research and development, and research centers.

GUST’s graduate program, currently the Master of Business Administration (MBA), enjoys international accreditation which affords confidence and trust in the high standards of the courses and program. Students become equipped with management and leadership skills, critical thinking capabilities, and ethical standards, that ready them to meet the challenges of both local and international markets.

The Research and Development Office (RDO) focusses on enhancing GUST research outcomes in order to meet national interests and international standards. RDO activities aim at propelling GUST into a model of research-based learning, an important step to ensure sustainable development.

The RDO facilitates funding acquisition for faculty research projects and intellectual contributions. It also provides advice to faculty on the preparation and submission of their research projects proposals. To maximize the chances of obtaining grants, the RDO ensures that project themes are aligned with national priorities. RDO verifies the compliance to ethical codes, such as, research conduct, budgetary accountability, and quality of scholarly publications.

The research centers at GUST offer an intellectual nexus that assures a collaborative spirit among the faculty as well as between the University and the wider research community. The centers provide scholarly activities such as holding seminars, workshops, submission of joint research projects, hosting visiting scholars, and training sessions.

The aim of the Graduate Studies and Research Office is to enrich research and scholarly dimensions in order to raise GUST’s name as a leading research-based learning environment.