About the Course


5 days


Due to continuous technological innovation and increasingly data-driven workforce decision-making, the human resource (HR) function has undergone a rapid digital evolution. This change has pushed HR professionals to take on a larger role in equipping an organisation to be digital. To succeed in their position and drive business performance, these professionals now require the knowledge and skills to effectively embed and utilise digital HR.

The Digital Transformation in HR course provides you with a holistic overview of the key trends, issues, and methods for tactically implementing digital HR. Drawing on a unique combination of the latest research and thought leadership, you’ll discover effective digital HR adoption and utilisation strategies. You’ll also develop the quantitative, qualitative, and technological efficacy needed to enhance employee productivity.

You’ll be introduced to a range of digital HR tools, such as natural language processing (NLP), chatbots, softbots, automation, and digital assistance that can be used to enhance the management of your workforce. You’ll explore common and advanced people analytics techniques and gain the skills to draw findings that inform your decision-making. Throughout the course, you’ll learn to reflect critically and ethically on the use of digital HR and the implications for your employees and wider stakeholders.

Who Should Attend

  • Department managers, line supervisors, team leaders.
  • HR professionals who want an overview of the implementation end of digital transformation.

Key Benefits

  • An understanding of how to utilise data analytics, including data sources and collection methods, as well as technology, to make informed talent and business decisions.
  • Methods to identify and solve business challenges related to digital HRM in various organisational contexts.
  • The skills in adoption, change, and risk management needed to foster stakeholder trust while navigating the digital cultural landscape of an organisation.
  • Knowledge of the emerging tools that are required to assist with the digital transformation of HR practices at an organisational, functional, and individual level.

Program Content

Module 1: The case for digital human resource management (HRM)

Explore the evolution of the HR function and ethical debates in digital transformation.

Module 2: Identifying the problem: Evidence-based inquiry

Discover how to identify HR-related challenges using a variety of evidence-based problem-solving approaches.

Module 3: Data sources, types, and collection

Learn about where to source the relevant types of people data in your organisation and explore how to collect this data legally and ethically.

Module 4: Data analytics for HR

Explore various approaches for making sense of people data through data visualisation and statistical analytics techniques.

Module 5: Emerging tools for digital HRM (AI and HR)

Explore how big data, AI, machine learning, and automation are providing innovative solutions to HR challenges.

Module 6: Data-driven HR decision-making

Uncover the practices of data-driven decision-making to ensure that those decisions are valid and ethical.

Module 7: Implementing digital HRM

Consider factors such as organisational adoption, stakeholder trust, and risk when implementing digital HRM.

Module 8: Embedding digital transformation across the organisation

Explore how HR professionals need to adapt to facilitate digital transformation in an organisation.

Special features

This hands-on program includes group discussions, case studies, individual activity-based development and small group exercises to deepen your insights and sharpen your skills.