About the Course


5 Days


As high-performing emerging leaders develop their leadership style, it is imperative to have the skillset and knowledge to gain influence and increase impact across an organization. This virtual program will arm you with a number of actionable learning outcomes to help develop yourself as a leader. These learning outcomes include crafting a more strategic and effective approach to your career trajectory grounded authentically in your strengths, experiences and, aspirations; readiness in communications, negotiations, influence and design; and preparation for the moments of potential challenge or derailment, including transitions and collaboration.

Key Benefits

Formulate your leadership skillset:

  • Apply the PACE (Pick, Apprise, Collect, Elicit) leadership self-development model to increase professional influence and impact
  • Build self-awareness and understanding around your leadership profile and trajectory
  • Design a development path that nurtures relevant skill sets and channels your passions

Build influence and grow within your organization:

  • Prepare for successful transitions, including moving up and laterally in an organization
  • Effectively enlist colleagues' and mentors' help in achieving leadership goals and milestones
  • Bridge differences and collaborate more effectively across your organization

Expand your personal and professional network:

  • Extend your network by connecting and working with accomplished executives from various backgrounds, industries, and countries across the globe
  • Build relationships with a diverse group of peers who can provide wide-ranging insights into your business challenges, career decisions, and who can grow with you over time

Who Should Attend

  • Emerging leaders who want to develop the tools and techniques to actively manage their leadership trajectory and grow their influence and impact across their organization
  • Early- and Mid-Career Professionals that want to assess where they are in their professional development and map out an aspirational plan to take their role and responsibilities to the next level—even if that "level" is lateral
  • Top-performing and high-potential individuals with 5-15 years of experience in roles of increasing responsibility

Participants should expect to spend at least 9-12 hours on self-paced case preparation prior to attending the program. Case materials will be made available approximately two weeks prior to program start.

Key Topics

Self-discovery and honest self-reflection:

  • Understand your leadership profile
  • Select goals to increase your professional influence and impact
  • Prepare to take advantage of leapfrog opportunities in your career

Design and planning:

  • Design a leadership development path that builds relevant skillsets and channels your passions
  • Explore leadership development transitions including fluidly moving up and laterally
  • Enlist colleagues' help in achieving leadership goals and milestones

Preparing yourself for a thriving career:

  • Communicate for influence across the organization
  • Bridge differences and collaborate more effectively
  • Learn how to develop your leadership skills throughout your career