Empowering Competence, Character and Change.

The Gulf University of Science and Technology (GUST) established the American-style accredited degree granting university by developing and maintaining a “students come first” attitude and by providing a positive and creative work environment that respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.

GUST has a complete understanding that education is accomplished through learning both in and out of the classroom. As a result, GUST seeks to graduate people of competence and character who can lead the way for meaningful change in our world. Together with the students, faculty and staff, the Office of Student Life (OSL) strives to unite learning and living to adapt with the rapid changes of our 21st century environment.

Vision & Mission


The Office of Student Life (OSL) seeks to create a dynamic and healthy learning environment to fulfill the GUST experience. OSL optimizes student’s social brilliance skills and talents, professional experiences, and leaning beyond the academic settings. We aim to build GUST's youth for the future.


The Office of Student Life seeks to create a dynamic environment to get the GUST experience. It provides student's centered services, programs, and experiences through exposing the students to out-of-the-classroom learning opportunities, engaging them in different events and activities internally and externally, locally, and internationally. The OSL collaborates with the students to foster a diverse and energetic campus life in order to support the educational and developmental goals, enhance the skills, interests, professional experiences, leadership skills, and learning beyond the academic settings. The OSL is committed to improve the student’s social intelligence and steers them towards a promising future and a successful career. Students are valuable assets, leaders of the future, citizens of the community, and the tools to a brighter future.