Congratulations, graduates of GUST!

We are thrilled to honor your hard work, dedication, and accomplishments as you reach this significant milestone in your academic journey. Graduation is a time of reflection, celebration, and looking toward the future, and we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this momentous occasion.

The OSL plans, coordinates and oversees the annual commencement ceremony for the university and its graduates. Our OSL office is here to support this momentous occasion and ensure a smooth journey as you embark on a new adventure.

Ceremony Details


The graduation ceremony will be held on Sunday, 11th of December 2022


Graduates must arrive at 5:00 PM. Faculty and Guests arrive at 6:00 PM. No one will be permitted after 6:30. No exceptions. The event will commence at 7:30 PM, and the duration of the event is approximately one and a half hours.


GUST Roman theater


Gate 1 and 3 will be open for the graduates' families, and gate 2 will be open for the graduates, VIP guests, and the event organizers.

Ceremony Preparation


The first rehearsal will take place on Monday, 5th of December 2022 at 5:30 PM. No need to bring your gown to the first rehearsal.

The second rehearsal will take place on Saturday, 10th of December 2022 at 4:00 PM. You need to bring your gown to the second rehearsal.

NOTE: Attendance to both rehearsals is mandatory. Graduates who don't attend the second rehearsal will not be allowed to attend the ceremony!

Invitations and Guest Tickets:

Number of tickets is to be announced soon. Tickets must be presented at the entrance of the gate. Guests arriving with no tickets will not be allowed in.

All graduates are required to visit the graduation page regularly to check for updates.

Campus Address and Location:

Gulf University for Science & Technology, Block 5, Building 1, Mubarak Al-Abdullah Area/West Mishref.

Graduation Gowns:

Only approved regalia may be worn at commencement. Apparel deemed inappropriate may be confiscated. With the exception of size adjustments, modification of gowns in any way is forbidden. Graduates who do not adhere to this rule will not be allowed to participate.

How to obtain your graduation gown:

Will be announced soon.

Each graduate will receive:

  1. Cap and Tassel
  2. Sash (blue for CBA students; green for CAS students)
  3. Hoods (for MBA students)
  4. Honor Cord (for high honor and honor students)
  5. Graduates Ring (which will be given out on day of graduation ceremony)

Rules and Code of Conduct

Graduating students who intend to walk in the Commencement ceremonies will have to agree to abide by the Commencement Code of Conduct when they register to participate in the ceremonies:

Be prompt and prepared

Arriving well in advance of the ceremony start time, with your cap, gown, and student ID card, will ensure your admittance to the ceremony and that you can sit with friends.

Students who are late or without the required regalia will not be allowed inside the ceremony.

Graduates and guests are expected to behave in a manner fitting for the occasion. Any person who becomes disruptive will be asked to leave.

The ceremonies are formal occasions and we recommend that candidates dress smartly. We welcome national dress. Jeans, T-shirts, trainers and similar casual attire are not considered appropriate for graduation ceremonies.

No flowers are to be worn or carried during the ceremony.

No signs or messages are allowed on the cap.

Participants should not eat, chew gum, or candy during the ceremony, and should not use their phones at any time.

Honor other people's experiences

For most graduates, the ceremony is the greatest achievement of their lives thus far, and the proudest moment for their friends and family. Be respectful of others and follow directions so everyone can enjoy the ceremony with dignity and honor.

Students unable to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner will be required to leave. Your friends and family will not get to watch you graduate.

Please do not bring items that block the view or disturb the enjoyment of other students or guests. These include large signs, poles, flags, balloons, umbrellas, artificial noisemakers, air horns or megaphones.

Stay until the end

Remain seated in your chair unless instructed otherwise, and stay until the ceremony has ended and the platform party has departed the stadium.


Graduates' guests are not permitted in the graduate seating area, and they must remain seated during the entire ceremony. Photography and videotaping are allowed after the ceremony, but tripods and monopods are not permitted. Cameras must be battery operated, and visitors must remain seated while taking photographs and videotaping. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to attend the commencement ceremony.

There will be a professional video recording taken at the graduation ceremony, this will be streamed live on YouTube and Instagram to enable families and friends without allocated seats to see the ceremony. Graduates and guests seated in amphitheater should be aware that they might appear on the live stream and on the recordings.

People With Special Needs

For students who are handicapped, please, make sure to send and email to with your name, phone number and GUST ID.